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Most popular Inspired products currently helping the fight against COVID-19 globally

O2FLO High Flow System

High Flow Therapy is indicated in many international clinical guidelines of critical care, to provide aid to patients experiencing mild to moderate SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Infections) symptoms. If a patient improves within 1-1.5 hours of high flow therapy, ventilation can be avoid, which comes with sedation and is relatively traumatic to the human body.

There have also been recent analysis that ventilators may indeed not be the best therapeutic option for COVID-19 patients.

The longer a patient receives mechanical ventilation, the lesser the chance they are able to successfully relearn to breath on their own.

Humidification System

Every mechanical ventilator requires a humidifier to keep supplied air moist and warm. This helps to promote mucociliary clearance for lungs that are experiencing difficulties.

Our VHB20 humidifier provides the best performance in relative humidity delivery (at >98% compared to 75% by others in the market) as well as condensation control when paired with our Inspired Infinity Circuit (IIC). The circuit is constructed with Vent-X, a patented technology for highly effective vapor expelling ability.  

Breathing Filters

Filters are essential for all respiratory equipment to keep a patient and those around them safe.

When placed at air intake and/or prior to inspiration, virus and bacteria are caught and prevented from reaching the patient. When placed at expiratory end, caretakers and families are thus protected from potential diseases a patient may carry.

Filters are essential for virus containment! 

Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Vincent medical has reacted swiftly to meet both domestic and international demands.  Here is a message from management to all on the right.

Vincent Medical is committed to the fight against COVID-19 with all of our global partners.

We have recently made an appearance on BBC news, as well as Danske Bank’s press release, for being a part of Operating Room Systems’ efforts to procure our Inspired O2FLO high flow machine. Click the following links for the respective articles.

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