Breathing is the gift of Life!

Breathing while one of the simplest things we take for granted, we take dedication and passion in our work to help those who are not so fortunate to assist in breathing with our Inspired Medical products.

Our History

Vincent Medical established since 1997 as an OEM manufacturer specializing in Respiratory and Acute Care. Over the years Vincent Medical has established itself as a manufacturing partner for the world’s top 5 Anesthesia and Respiratory companies.

Inspired Medical was established in 2003 as an own brand of Vincent Medical differed from its contract manufacturer business. Today Inspired Medical has its own office in Shenzhen with its own R&D, Regulatory team, International Sales and Marketing and China Sales and marketing.

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Being Versatile

Over 11 categories of products with over 300 SKUs under “Inspired Medical” specializing in respiratory care and anesthesia for either hospital use or home care. Our products and medical solutions are tailored for customer or country requirements. We listen and start from patient care first when developing our products.

Worldwide Distributing Network

A global network of 70 plus customers in 39 countries and in China managing over 400 distributors covering all the of major hospitals in China. We continuously looking to expand our distribution network and continuing looking for long term partnership in our growth.

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