Inspired Medical Boosts Humidifiers’ & Consumables’ Production to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

As a global respiratory manufacturer, Inspired Medical is committed to address and help all communities fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every ventilator requires a humidifier to perform. In order to address surging demands of humidification systems for the use of ventilators worldwide, Inspired Medical has been putting in much resources and efforts into increasing production capacity. Such include a whole new production floor, equipped with 18 new injection and overmolding machines, shifting and expanding production lines, as well as increased manpower, while keeping quality control in check.

Majority of our management team has been staying close to the manufacturing sites for immediate response around the clock.

Inspired Medical has in two months ramped up production capacity PER WEEK to:

  • 7,000 humidifiers, 
  • 35,000 humidification chambers ,

which is about FIVE FOLDS in increase of what it was before the pandemic outbreak.

Inspired Medical will continue to strive and do everything possible to meet as much demand and help as many lives as possible.

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